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Bangkok 5 Stars awarded Beauty Clinic
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Bangkok 5 Stars awarded Beauty Clinic
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  • Great service, discreet with good results. Unfortunately to far away from me 😉

    M K Avatar
    M K

    I found Reno and his team by chance, but wow what a find! From day one Reno went out of... read more

    Kellie Howard Avatar
    Kellie Howard

    I remember the first treatment that I had with Renaud, It was beyond the best I could ever expect, I... read more

    Aicha Avatar
  • I have been seeking beauty treatments with Renaud and team and each time I am delighted and pleased by the... read more

    Khaira Cheah Avatar
    Khaira Cheah

    Renaud and Dr Achita really looked after me well and addressed my needs. I felt very safe and secure in... read more

    dave roberts Avatar
    dave roberts

    Very professional, I would recommend this place to anyone seeking fillers or botox in Bangkok. Renaud who responds very quickly... read more

    Brittany Richmond Avatar
    Brittany Richmond
  • I am a regular patient of Dr. Achita's. What I like about her is that she never forces you to... read more

    Simon Broadbent Avatar
    Simon Broadbent

    I am a customer at Metro Beauty Salon,I appreciate and am satisfied with all services in terms of quality as... read more

    T.M Avatar

    The service offered by Metro Beauty centers is extremely professional .. excellent follow up .fair prices and total dedication... read more

    Frederique Deleage Avatar
    Frederique Deleage
  • I visited Metro Beauty Centers in November and i am beyond happy with the work they have done, redefining my... read more

    Chris Hermanowicz Avatar
    Chris Hermanowicz

    Je suis allé chez métro beauty centers sur le conseil d'amis et j'ai été ravie de cette expérience les soins... read more

    Pianetti Dominique Avatar
    Pianetti Dominique

    Few years ago after reading all the positive reviews on this clinic and Renaud, I decided to visit. The clinic... read more

    gina chan Avatar
    gina chan
  • Mr. Renaud D'Hercourt delivered an impeccable service with very high standard advise on the different procedures to be undertaken in... read more

    Myrtille Tibayrenc Avatar
    Myrtille Tibayrenc

    Fantastic personalized guidance by Renaud for keeping my skin in top condition, I have very high standards for my skin... read more

    Noelle Christie Avatar
    Noelle Christie

    The Highest satisfaction with Metro Beauty Centers. I've had treatments here for so many years. Dr. Achita and other doctors... read more

    Pond - Savit Phithaklopanich Avatar
    Pond - Savit Phithaklopanich
  • I've got the best treatment from Metro Clinic : professional Doctor, kind staff, Renaud really competent and great Manager. Would recommend

    Keoma Intravaia Avatar
    Keoma Intravaia

    Metro Beauty Centre is a fantastic clinic. I met Renaux 3 years ago. He treats the clients with kindness, professionality... read more

    Steffi Lopez Gonzalez Avatar
    Steffi Lopez Gonzalez

    From the minute I walked in this Clinic I knew I was in the right place for my Botox and... read more

    George Agundez Avatar
    George Agundez
  • Je suis allé dans cette clinique de soins esthétiques pour un traitement des poches et des cernes sous mes yeux.... read more

    Frederic Loyat Avatar
    Frederic Loyat

    Definitely the best. Professional and efficient. And above all....RESULTS. Thanks to all the team

    Moments of our life together Avatar
    Moments of our life together

    Outstanding service! 5 out 5.Well advice. Compair to other clinics in London and some places in Bangkok I would definitely... read more

    Jamal B Avatar
    Jamal B
  • I recommend this place to anyone looking for genuine treatment (not counter fake fillers and botox) and High end equipment... read more

    Podium Gym Avatar
    Podium Gym

    Hi! My name is Diana. I’ve been a client of Metro Beauty Centre since early 2014 and had the best... read more

    Diana Mikiani Avatar
    Diana Mikiani

    c'est ma clinique préférée en Thaïlande, le manager Renaud qui est français, est super.Je me sens en parfaite sécurité et... read more

    Stephanie C Avatar
    Stephanie C
  • I wish I can give more than 5 stars, I have used their services for more than 2 years and... read more

    Daesy N Avatar
    Daesy N

    I have used their services with my girlfriend on multiple occasions and always we've been highly satisfied with our experiences;... read more

    jerome manele Avatar
    jerome manele

    Amazing Service !!Fantastic staff !! Mr Renaud has help me and advice me with a great professionalism.Dr Achita did great... read more

    Sab LVRT Avatar
    Sab LVRT
  • Lovely people. Renaud is awesome. He made me very comfortable by discussing the entire procedure and telling me what I... read more

    Anurag Gaur Avatar
    Anurag Gaur

    I descovered Mr Mr Renaud D'Hercourt and Dtr Achita and what a nice surprise it was.They welcome me with kindness... read more

    Fred Brugnaro Avatar
    Fred Brugnaro

    I've been using Metro's for just over two years and the service only gets better and better, really tailored to... read more

    Alex KOen Avatar
    Alex KOen

American and Korean Botox


Wrinkles and facial asymmetry are usually resulting from the displacement of fat deposits, the depletion of collagen in the soft tissues, compounded by the contraction, over thousands and thousands of times, of subcutaneous facial muscles.

Cosmetic fillers injections to restore harmony and youthful volume

Dermal Fillers

Restore the plumpness of your youth thanks to Hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers). A rejuvenating of the face, without lifting, without the need of surgery is possible thanks to injections of bio-compatible gels, called dermal fillers.

Derma Fillers

The details make the difference


Thermage® is a non-surgical approach to skin tautening and rejuvenation in mild to moderate facial and somatic skin laxity. The Thermage technology makes use of monopolar capacitive radiofrequency.

Facelift without risk


Ultherapy uses focused untrasound energy waves to increase production of new collagen and elastin, giving back firmness and elasticity to the face and neck. The overall facial contouring refreshment and the betterment of the fine lines and the wrinkles are quickly noticeable and keep on improving over the weeks after.


Face and neck lifting treatment


The 4D UltraLift HIFU is a powerful emitter of high-intensity ultrasound, that allows the targeting of deep body tissues so as to stimulate the production of collagen within the cells. It is used as an alternative to light surgical face and neck lifts. It has no downtime and patients are able to resume their activities as soon as they leave the clinic.

Quick beauty procedures

Thread Lifting

Thread lifts are quick procedures with no or minimal downtime, that fill the gap between heavier, elective facelift surgeries and cosmetic treatments such as skin resurfacing and injections of hyaluronic acid gels.



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